q & a

Who are you?

We are family business located in Scituate, Rhode Island.  We love making real furniture for real people using the most interesting local ingredients available to us.  Our goal is to make durable furniture that is affordable and sculptural.


When did you start making furniture?

A balance of fine art and carpentry has always been part of our story.  Darn Good Barn Wood is ten years old.


Do you have a store?

No, but we have a shop/studio about 15 minutes west of Providence.  Clients often visit us there on Saturdays.  We can also be found at the Providence Flea, the Cambridge Flea, the Scituate Art Festival and the South End Market in Boston.


Do you do custom work?

Yes. The majority of our work is tailored to the specific needs and interests of our clients.  If you have a furniture project, we likely have a unique solution to suit your budget.


Where did you get the name Darn Good Barn Wood?

After several years of making furniture for ourselves, we decided to give our collaboration a name.  We settled on Darn Good Barn Wood hoping it would make people smile.  We feel it’s humorous and wholesome, a snappy response to the big box furniture outlets that sell so much particle board and veneer.


Where do you get your wood?

All our lumber is locally sourced from architectural salvage companies that dismantle historic buildings.  We buy large lots of 100+ year old lumber.  In our world, the character, history and structural integrity of lumber is most important.